pride 2013

Pride in San Fransisco isn't a lot different than pride in OKC... wait, who am I kidding? It's the difference between a firecracker and a supernova. It's the difference between 5000 and 100000 people. There's a lot going on, plenty of crowds to get lost in, plenty to see and do. Just the people watching is pretty awesome. People of all stripes, out and proud. Whole parts of the city are closed off to traffic, and open to everything else. Which, incidentally, I didn't see much of. People make a big deal about a couple naked guys, walking around, but here, that's just another tuesday. Lots of street preformances, though, lots of yelling, food, drinking, dancing on lightposts, things you _really_ don't see every day. I was happy to see the support for Chelsea Manning. I hope she gets some much deserved freedom, sooner rather than later.

Posted by Matt on 2013-10-21 08:41:51 -0700