back on the air

This is "@photomattmills":, back on the air. The extened hiatus owes to my lack of a personal computer these past two months. I changed jobs, and the new employer has clauses in the contract about who owns what I produce on company equipment... anyway, I needed my own rig. I've completely forgotten where I was in the flow of editing and producing blog posts, so excuse me if I repeat myself. The new gig is super sweet. I'm learning a crap ton, which is great, and my co-workers and bosses are all pretty chill. To hold you over while I'm getting my shit together, and so you'll know I'm actually alive, here's a shot from our last camping trip. It's the last star field I took, and the only one that's even remotely sharp (although at 100% there's still a little motion).

Posted by Matt on 2013-10-19 15:29:15 -0700