Then I went to Ireland

So, I did a first blush edit of the pictures I took in Ireland, and got it down under a hundred; don't worry, I won't bore you with all of them. I'd really like to get it all into 3 or so posts. The trip out was fairly uneventful. I couldn't sleep on the plane, so I shot pictures out of the window to amuse myself. The first one here was the best of the lot. I wonder what some of those lights are. Some of them tally as reflections off the window or lens flares. At least one doesn't. By the time I arrived, I'd only slept 2 hours in the previous 36, and I was a bit lagged. Even so, I was in a new place, and filing thoughts away for later. One thing I noticed was how there seemed to be some thought put into almost every structure. A bridge isn't just a bridge, but an opportuity to show off. Even the corner liquor store was less molded plactic and stamped metal than you'd see here. The plan of going to brunch on arrival turned into go to lunch, and then stagger across half the city after a SIM card with Long (one of my co-workers). The nearest phone store was 3 (named when 3g was a new thing). It was in a big open shopping area, a street lined with shops whose name I forget. The fake fakir, levitating, was there, with just about the worst sunburn I've ever seen.

Posted by Matt on 2013-08-07 22:59:23 -0700