The Move

I got back from that trip, woke up the next morning, and picked up a U-Box, which is really a glorified wooden crate. Sophia and I spent the day jigsawing all of our personal possessions that wouldn't fit in the car into the box, and then taking it to the uhaul location. We spent the night at my folks' place, and then hit the road in the morning. Shoutout to "Katie": for being there at the buttcrack of dawn to see us off with cupcakes. Then it was, as my dad said, miles and miles of nothing but miles an miles. There was a "20 mile fog bank": in western Oklahoma that broke up before Texas, and then smooth sailing all the way across to Flagstaff that first day. It's a lot easier to travel when you have a good companion. The hotel I remembered as being "quaint and charming": from my last encounter was sort of run down and the bed was awful, but it was a bed. Woke up in the morning, had a last dose of green chili and eggs before leaving the southwest, and on to Cali. All through the central valley, the almond trees were in bloom. Finally, we made it to our SF accomos, ordered pizza, and passed out.

Posted by Matt on 2013-05-14 23:36:26 -0700