a quiet little college town

So, I'm currently on a plane, 37000 feet over the Atlantic. There is no wifi on this plane, which saddens me, if only because I can't git push the cool things I've been doing with this Penumbra cypher. It's terribly nerdy, but it's keeping my mind occupied on these interminable flights. I'm some genuiuwill crack it in a minute as soon as someone bothers to notice it (As soon as I tweet to the author, probably). Anyway, Fort Collins was a really pleasant little town. I could actually see myself living there if/when I get sick of cities. There were pianos on the sidewalk,for anyone to play, and a bunch of breweries, and beautiful mountains, which I'll get to in the next post.

Posted by Matt on 2012-10-12 00:20:51 -0500