in which I get lost in downtown LA

Thursday was a down day for the most part. I chilled, I read, I fixed a toilet, napped. A vaca from the vacation. but, because I can't seem to sit still, even for one day, I started surfing art gallery web sites, and I found out that one of the big ones, MOCA, was open till 8 and after 5 was free. Ash, my host, didn't want to go, so I hopped in my car and drove there myself, a feat that I would have been completely unable to do sans phone. Parked downtown several blocks away from the museum, and proceeded to get lost. I would have been fine if downtown LA had one street level, but of course it doesn't. Anyway, I had a nice time being lost. Like always. I took out my camera, and found some pictures. These are part of a larger body of work, or may be... I'm trying to from an idea around the scale of cities, the perspective that that scale involves. I'm being elliptical because I'm not sure what I'm talking about. The idea isn't complete, and it wouldn't be interesting if it was. MOCA was freaking amazing. I'm not going to post any of the photos I took inside, because this isn't an art history blog. I was stoked to see "John Baldessari":, Robert Irwin, and a bunch of others. I was surprised at the power of the Rothko; given a whole day, I would have sat on the bench and stared for hours. There were some Arbus prints, around a corner, badly lit, and really truly unimpressive. Really let the air out of that legend for me. Anyway, after that there wasn't much to do but drive home.

Posted by Matt on 2012-08-07 00:05:43 -0500