The hangover that lasted a week

So I know I said more photos coming soon in that last post... and then a lot of things happened all at once and next thing I know it's a week from the following tuesday and I have a lingering sinus infection (don't ask). So sue me. I didn't actually have a hangover all week, but it sort of feels like I did; it'll be a month before I'm recovered from the cycle of work-party-sleep-train-work. I don't know how the guys who went out more did it at all. These are from saturday, I think. Rickhouse and Irish Bank with co-workers; the brits (Tim and Adam) arrived and all we could do is high five them. And then we drank excessively. Actually, scratch that; I was somewhat drunk when I took the photo of the street drummer, and that was fairly early on. The there were punchbowls and beers and falafel. And then sleep and more work. The rest of the week was a lot the same, with different people. The rest of the photos are mostly done, I'll probably get around to posting them tomorrow. Three or four posts worth, at least.

Posted by Matt on 2012-04-03 19:30:20 -0600