catching up

Work has been especially worky and my personal life has ben a crazy roller coaster, and that means the blog has been a bit neglected, but I'm trying to catch up. A wedding (not my own), a vacation, two business trips (the first one to vancouver and the other to san fransisco), all that really wears on you. There's not a ton of energy left to blog. Add that to the fact that when I'm working, I'm actually working now, and it demands my full attention (really, it's more like a compulsion to fix things that I have a hard time putting down, but I digress). So I just haven't had the extra capacity, in time or mental bandwidth to get updates out to the world. First of all the new job is great. Engine Yard is easily the best company I've ever worked for, the work completely obsesses and consumes me, and the team I'm on has some of the brightest people I've ever worked with. Also they're "hiring": The only downside so far is I've been so focused on work, especially the last month, that I haven't had a whole lot of personal time. The reason I'm writing this is to try and make some time for myself. So that'll be the last you hear from me about work for a while. I went out with my dad one night a couple of weeks ago, drinking good scotch, and the subject of just how lucky I am came up. A lot of very improbable things have happened to me, and that I survived them all with no long term damage (modulo occasional back problems, scars, and a trail of broken hearts) is also pretty remarkable. I lost count at 19, numbering the times I could have legitimately died if things had been just a little different. If I'd spiked a little more fever, or if I'd been hit a little harder by that car, or pavement, or whatever. Or if the right person hadn't been there at the right moment to save me. So yeah, phenomenally lucky. So yeah. That's the state of things. Since I have photos queued up and ready to go, expect to see them here sometime in the next week. For now, just a sunset I shot from riding river the other day:

Posted by Matt on 2011-09-24 04:28:20 +0000