good day

_Author's Note: If you don't care about my personal life and just come here for the pictures, well, ignore the text and look at the pretty photo at the bottom._ f yeah yesterday was a good day. better than "the song": Guess you could say I started it off right. rolled over and kissed a pretty girl. really don't wanna screw this up, so I'm gonna have to remain coy. We're going slow(ish). Slower than usual. We're acting like little Fonzies, and being cool about it. Anyway, from there, I emailed my bosses and told them I was taking a mental health day. The first thing you should do on a mental health day is sleep in. If there is a curvy, witty, or cute reason to stay in bed than all the better. So we did that, and then she had to get on with her day, and so did I, so we did. I got back to the city, to my apartment, and ran into my neighbor Traci, who was on her way to get her bike fixed, and we decided to go for a ride after she got back. She comes back with an un-fixed bike. The sales guy talked down to her at the bicycle store, and so she walked out and told them her neighbor (me) would fix it. So, I had her bring the bike up and I wrenched on it for a bit and got it into running shape again. I made a part for it, even. So that was good. Then we went for our ride, just to downtown and back, and we both saw and remembered at the same time that the Arts Festival was happening downtown. So we went down there for a late lunch, and she bought mine to thank me for fixing her bike. Then we came home, only on the way I got a flat tire. Really though, that was the only bad thing to happen today, and a flat tire that means a nice twenty minute walk home when I've got time to kill isn't really bad. Then off to mom's house for her "dialysis": in case you're wondering, she does it daily, at home, and I go out there to help her on nights that my dad can't be there. Usually once a week, on tuesday, although that my change to a floating day as the class my dad teaches is out for the summer. Anyway, I hang out there, do some laundry, and then go home. I've said for years that tuesdays were the worst days of the week. _Years_. Now I'm reconsidering. This one day brought up the average so much that tuesdays are now on par with thursdays. Would I have noticed all this goodness on a saturday? Probably. Will this saturday, involving the girl from the first paragraph and norman music fest, be better? Maybe. It's going to have to try hard.

Posted by Matt on 2011-04-27 10:30:07 +0000